BOGDA PPR Pipe Production Line for hot and cold water supply

Pulished on Jul. 23, 2021

BOGDA Machinery Group is located in Europe and America (Hai'an) Industrial Park and Shanghai Fengxian (Hai'an) Industrial Park. It is a high-tech and innovative company dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of plastic extrusion molding equipment. The company is people-oriented and innovative Development, with its unique corporate culture that has been brewing for many years, and the company’s eager attention to global economic development, it has continued to grow with its majestic momentum and quick response, making itself a large-scale and highly anticipated industry in this industry.


Leading technology and excellent quality have been highly recognized by authoritative departments and markets. Products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Romania, etc. Deeply trusted and praised by customers, the company has many subsidiaries such as pipeline equipment, sheet film intelligent equipment, intelligent automation, and granulation equipment. The company has a high-quality talent R&D team and more than 20 years of experience in the industry. A team of mechanical and electrical commissioning engineers, as well as an advanced machining base and a standardized assembly workshop. More than 600 sets of high-end plastic extrusion lines are produced every year.

The main products of the company are:

1. PVC/PP/PE wood plastic production lines

2. PVC/PP/ wide sheet production lines

3. PVC/UPVC door and window profiles, ceiling panels, wall panels, window sill panels, wall hanging panels and other profiles extrusion production lines

4. PC/PA/ABS and other profiles production lines

5. PVC pipe production lines 

6. HDPE/PE/PVC/PPR/PERT solid wall pipe production lines, as well as HDPE/PE gas pipe production lines

7. Vertical and horizontal HDPE/PP/PVC corrugated pipe production lines & reinforced winding pipe production lines

8. Multi-layer and single-layer PE/PP/PS/HIPS/GPPS/PC/ABS/PLA/PET/PMMA/GPPS/APET/PETG sheet production line

9. EVA/POE/PVB/SGP film production line; TPU/TVB film and lithium battery separator production line

10. All kinds of PE/PP/PLA/PET pelletizing units

11. PVC/PE/PP automated centralized feeding system

12. PP meltblown fabric and various spunbond non-woven fabric production lines

13. SPC LVT PVC Floor Production Line

14. PVC foamed board extrusion production lines

15. Recycling auxiliary equipment related to extrusion line, such as extrusion mold, plastic shredder, plastic crusher, plastic pulverizer, cooling tower, automatic screw loader, hopper dryer, plastic mixer and etc.

BOGDA has advanced design concepts in the extrusion field, strives for perfection in product quality, and continues to improve in technology. It can provide customized solutions for each customer to meet the different needs of customers. Project planning, product positioning, plant planning, equipment installation and commissioning, customer staff training, equipment after-sales maintenance and other all-round services. Our advantage is to provide customers with desired, satisfactory, and high-quality products to help customers create the greatest Profits and business opportunities, customer success is our ultimate goal.


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