Factors Affecting China PVC Ceiling Panel Making Machine

Pulished on May. 23, 2019

China PVC Ceiling Panel Making Machines have long played an important role in the casting process. The sand treatment process is the most important part of the PVC sheet production line, and the sand treatment process is high and the process is complicated. There are many influencing factors in the sand treatment process. If these factors are not properly handled, it is easy to cause problems in the quality of the product.

The screening of old sand is a very important step in the factors affecting the PVC Ceiling Machine of PVC sheet. The traditional hexagonal screen has unreasonable place in the operation process sand, which affects the effect of screening and drying. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to use a sieve with a relatively large sieve hole diameter, but it is accompanied by too many magazine problems, but the current process has solved this problem. The temperature of the old sand is also a very important factor. If the temperature is not handled well, it will affect the appearance and size of the casting.

In the process of production of PVC sheet production line, we must grasp the production factors to ensure the quality of all aspects of the casting.

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