Can Crusher Is a New Type Of Crushing Equipment

Pulished on Aug. 24, 2018

Can crusher is a new type of crushing equipment that realizes the recycling and reuse of resources. Double shaft scrap shredder: first break into 10MM pieces, then grind into powder

Cans crusher can crush all kinds of light and thin materials such as cans, cans, scrap metal, aluminum profiles, copper rods, tubes, circuit boards, etc., mainly used for crushing scrap steel, briquettes, color steel tiles, etc. Pre-treatment in industries such as smelting and crushing. Twin-screw compounding extruder is a can of Lulu can, Wang Lao Ji can, Sprite can, Coke aluminum can, beer can, iron bucket, oil barrel, paint can and other materials, according to the user's requirements, let the material pass through the machine A machine in which external forces are deformed and split into fine particles. The pulverized metal particles can reduce transportation costs, improve the efficiency of ironmaking in the furnace, and also play an irreplaceable role in deoxidation or metal processing of steel plants!

Double Shaft Scrap Shredder

Double Shaft Scrap Shredder

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