Multifunctional Development Of Plastic Product Extrusion Line

Pulished on Sep. 15, 2018

Among the various types of plastic machinery, the most important one is the PVC Plastic Vinyl Floor Production Line, which has become one of the widely used models in the plastics processing industry. The plastic extruder consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system. According to the number of screws, it can be divided into a single screw extruder, a twin screw extruder and a multi-screw extruder. From the use of the extruder to the present, the extruder has developed rapidly and gradually formed a trajectory in line with its own development.

On the one hand, modularized specialized production of Plastic Product Extrusion Line can strive for a larger market share. On the other hand, it is very beneficial to ensure the quality of the whole period and accelerate the turnover of funds. The development of multi-functionality can expand its applicable space, and the development of large-scale development can be reduced. Production costs, in the next development, need to focus on its functionalization and networking, saving manpower while ensuring the stability of the process, can greatly improve the accuracy of the product.

Plastic Product Extrusion Line

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