Which Pipes Can Be Produced In Plastic PVC Pipe Making Machine?

Pulished on May. 30, 2019

Plastic PVC Pipe Making Machine is the assembly of PVC pipe type production line, including PVC electric bushing production line, PVC double pipe extrusion production line, electric pipe production line, electrician threading pipe production line, standard type cone double rod extruder with unique screw Design, the material stays in the cylinder for a short time, mixing and refining, easy to plasticize, using high-quality international trade speed reduction equipment, stable operation, low noise, powerful vacuum exhaust system, can discharge impurities in the material, can improve the product quality.

A double-tube, greatly enhanced production efficiency, easy to operate, the main motor is controlled by the frequency converter, the motor output torque is good, can make the stepless speed regulation PVC pipe production line directly from the powder production, skip The cumbersome step of granulation is very energy efficient and greatly increases the level of production. The national standard related to the PVC pipe production line, the wall thickness of the commonly used PVC pipe has a strong A-type thickening type, the most used type B general-purpose type, and the dexterous C-type thin-wall type.

Plastic PVC Pipe Making Machine

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