The Sheet Produced By PVC Profile Extruder Machine Has Many Uses

Pulished on Apr. 12, 2019

Pvc sheet from PVC Profile Extruder Machine is a kind of white powder, it can burn on flame, self-extinguish from fire, and has good dielectric insulation. It is a non-crystalline polar polymer with glass transition temperature of 75-105 °C. The larger the relative molecular weight, the higher the viscosity, the better the strength, stiffness, toughness, heat resistance and low temperature resistance of the material, but the molding process is difficult and the processability is poor. Therefore, the foamed products generally use pvc sheets with low viscosity. powder

Pvc sheet produced by PVC Board Extrusion Line China has many uses, railway sleepers, replacing all-wood or concrete sleepers with wood-plastic materials, and has many advantages. 70% of China's sleepers are concrete products. Due to the speed of the train, the concrete sleeper has a strong impact on the track bed due to its rigidity, and it is easy to crush and powder the ballast, causing mud and mud, which affects the stability of the line. The wood-plastic rail pillows can solve this problem. Experts predict that by 2010, the demand for wood-plastic sleepers will reach 800,000 cubic meters, about 12 million. Pallets, wood-plastic materials can come in handy. China needs more than 100 million pallets annually, with an output value of about 15 billion yuan. Wood-plastic PVC panels are very useful for home improvement.

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