Introduction To The Performance And Characteristics Of PVC Profile Extruder Machine

Pulished on Apr. 19, 2019

1. Series of PVC Profile Extruder Machine, equipped with dc motor drive with stable output and large torque, stable performance, energy saving and high efficiency, and large extrusion output.

2. Vacuum sizing table, specially designed cooling system for product cooling and finalizing.

3, optional high-end programmable computer control, intelligent across the board.

4, screw core cooling using oil thermostatic system, automatic temperature control, so that the material to achieve the best plasticization state, the use of vacuum exhaust screw cylinder, so that the moisture in the material fully volatile, to ensure product quality.

Integrated metope makes interior decoration bids farewell to the use of harmful materials to human body such as paint completely, the environmental protection concept that makes a home outfit realized truly "low carbon, low emission". This is also one of the reasons why Plastic PVC Pipe Making Machine is more and more popular, PVC integrated wallboard equipment products have many advantages, to PVC integrated wallboard equipment brought greater economic benefits.

Plastic PVC Pipe Making Machine

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