About Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

Pulished on Oct. 20, 2018

The plastic corrugated pipe made from Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine is a new type of drainage plastic pipe which is formed by high-density polyethylene at the same time and has a corrugated shape. In addition to the ordinary plastic tube, it has good corrosion resistance, high insulation, smooth inner wall and low flow resistance. It also has a ring-shaped steel and good strength and toughness and weight due to the special hollow ring structure. Light, impact resistant, and not easily damaged.

Plastic corrugated pipes from PVC Single Screw Extruder are mainly used in municipal engineering, buried rainwater in the residential quarters, sewage discharge, farmland irrigation and water supply, drainage, and so on.

The plastic bellows has the characteristics of light weight, high pressure resistance, excellent bending performance and easy construction. It is suitable for drainage areas such as green belts, sports fields and slope protection caused by high water content.

Compared with other drainage materials, plastic corrugated pipes have the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, strong water permeability and high cost performance.

There are two kinds of plastic corrugated pipes, one is completely airtight and watertight, such as propellant conveying for launching rockets, gas and water heaters; the other is continuous winding with strips, and ordinary winding corrugated pipes are used. Protection cables, such as magnetic card telephones, machine tools, and the bellows of the desk lamp are clamped into the wire during the production process.

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

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