Features and Maintenance of Plastic Extruder

Pulished on Mar. 24, 2021

In plastic extrusion molding equipment, the plastic extruder is usually called the main machine, and the subsequent equipment that is matched with the plastic extrusion molding machine is called the auxiliary machine. After more than 100 years of development, plastic extruders have derived from the original single-screw, multiple-screw, multi-screw, and even non-screw models. The plastic extruder can be matched with various plastic molding auxiliary machines such as pipe, film, holding material, monofilament, flat wire, strapping, extruding net, sheet, profiled material, pelletizing, cable coating, etc., to form various plastic extrusion machines. Out of the molding production line, various plastic products are produced. Therefore, Plastic Extrusion Molding Machinery is one of the widely used models in the plastics processing industry no matter now or in the future.

Plastic Extruders

Plastic Extruders

Features of plastic extruder

Modularity and specialization

Modular production of plastic extruders can adapt to the special requirements of different users, shorten the development cycle of new products, and strive for a larger market share; and specialized production can arrange the various system module components of the extrusion molding equipment for fixed-point production or even global Purchasing is very beneficial to ensuring the quality of the whole period, reducing costs, and accelerating capital turnover.

Efficient and multifunctional

The high efficiency of Plastic Extruders is mainly reflected in high output, low energy consumption, and low manufacturing costs. In terms of function, the screw plastic extruder has been used not only for the extrusion molding and mixing processing of polymer materials, but its use has been expanded to food, feed, electrodes, explosives, building materials, packaging, pulp, ceramics and other fields.

Large-scale and sophisticated

Realizing the large-scale plastic extruder can reduce production costs, which has more obvious advantages in large-scale twin-screw plastic pelletizing units, film blowing units, and pipe extrusion units. The major technical equipment required for national key construction services, and the large-scale extrusion pelletizing unit, one of the three key equipment supporting large-scale ethylene projects, has long relied on imports. Therefore, the process of localization must be accelerated to meet the development needs of the petrochemical industry.

Intelligent and networked

Plastic extruders in developed countries have generally adopted modern electronic and computer control technology. The process parameters of the entire extrusion process, such as melt pressure and temperature, body temperature of each section, main screw and feed screw speed, and feed volume, are widely used in plastic extruders in developed countries. The ratio of various raw materials, the current and voltage of the motor and other parameters are tested online, and the microcomputer closed-loop control is adopted. This is extremely beneficial for ensuring the stability of the process conditions and improving the accuracy of the product.


⒈The plastic extruder equipment should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the working heat of the motor is dissipated and its life span is prolonged; the machine should be well grounded.

⒉Check the tool screws regularly. After using the new machine for 1 hour, tighten the screws of the movable knife and the fixed knife with tools to strengthen the fixation between the blade and the knife holder; lubricate the bearings regularly to ensure the lubricity between the bearings ; In order to ensure the sharpness of the cutting of the cutter, the cutter should be checked frequently to ensure its sharpness and reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by the blunt blade; regularly check whether the belt is loose and tighten it in time.

⒊Restart--before the second start, the remaining debris in the machine room should be removed to reduce the starting resistance. The inertia cover and pulley cover should be opened regularly to clear the ash outlet under the flange, because the crusher room discharges powder The material enters the shaft bearing.

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