How to Maintain the Plastic Edge Banding Machine?

Pulished on Jun. 26, 2019

The maintenance of the Plastic Edge Banding Machine plays a vital role in the use of the edge banding machine. Therefore, do not forget to carry out regular maintenance work on the plastic edge banding machine while using the edge banding machine daily. So, how to maintain it. Plastic Product Extrusion Line Manufacturer would like to share with you the following methods:

Plastic Edge Banding Machine

Plastic Edge Banding Machine

1. Firstly, the plastic edge banding machine should be nursed regularly. Usually, the curing cycle of the plastic edge banding machine is about 20 days. It is necessary to carefully record the wear environment of the bearings, gears, and preferred bodies in the process of nursery.

2. The plastic edge banding machine should carry out certain cleaning after the end of the work, clean up some impurities generated during the work process, and prevent the phenomenon of blockage when the next use.

3. Regularly process the lubrication system of the plastic edge banding machine. When selecting the lubricating oil, pay attention to the quality of the selection.

4. After the plastic edge banding machine has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to inspect the parts of each part. If it is loose, it should be processed in time.

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