My Country's Plastic Extruder Industry Has Huge Development Potential

Pulished on Dec. 10, 2020

In my country's plastic machinery market, as an important processing equipment, Extruders have very optimistic development prospects. In the past two years, my country’s plastic extruder market has made considerable progress and breakthroughs, which are reflected in: intensifying the development of emerging markets for extruders, further expanding brand awareness, further increasing market competitiveness, and export proportions to emerging countries It will also be greatly improved.

Although my country's extruder market is developing rapidly, the proportion of Plastic Extruder exports is still low. The rising raw material cost and energy cost pressure make energy saving and material saving become the focus of the extrusion processing industry. At the same time, various extrusion technology suppliers have developed a wealth of energy-saving solutions from various perspectives to meet the energy-saving needs of users to the greatest extent.

Plastic Extruder

Plastic Extruder

my country's plastic machinery adjustment structure enhances the development space of the extruder industry. The current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are problems such as low independent innovation ability, fewer high-end and personalized special products, and low industry concentration. The existence of these problems has caused my country's plastic machinery industry to not catch up with the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible.

After long-term development, the international influence of my country's plastic machinery industry has continued to increase, the ability to deal with trade protectionism has increased, and the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength have further improved. Therefore, my country's extruder industry has many favorable conditions for foreign trade exports. As my country’s extruder products are closely linked to strategic new industries, they have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. Exports to developed countries are mainly low-end and medium-end products. This part of consumer demand is rigid. Therefore, PVC Extrusion The development of the machine industry still has a large market space.

From a domestic perspective, my country is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization, and internationalization, and is still in a period of important strategic opportunities for development, which will also provide inexhaustible momentum for the development of the extruder industry. Finally, the recovery of the international market has brought confidence to extruder companies.

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