Problems and Solutions of Meltblown Cloth Meltblown Machine

Pulished on Feb. 04, 2021

Here are the common problems and solutions of meltblown cloth meltblown machine shared by Meltblown Machine Suppliers. I hope to help you

1. Equipment problem

The design principle and structure of meltblown equipment is not complicated, but the maturity of all equipment is to go through from raw to mature, and experts also come from a rookie. Although many equipment manufacturers originally made plastic machines, they have never made melt blown machines. So the equipment you buy is actually the first generation product of others. To put it bluntly, the 40, 50, 60, and 65 that most people buy are small earth cannons, and some machines above 80 are better. The difference between a good machine and a good machine is not in the function, but in the details, but in the factory experience and production experience!

The melt-blown non-woven process is actually very simple. The polymer melt extruded by the screw extruder is blown with high-speed hot air to cause the melt stream to be extremely stretched to form ultra-fine fibers. These ultra-fine fibers aggregate A fiber web is formed on the net curtain or roller, and becomes a non-woven fabric by bonding itself.

Meltblown Machine

Meltblown Machine

2. The problem of melt blown material:

From the perspective of the manufacturing principle of cloth: the use of melt-blown method is to form ultra-fine fibers, let these ultra-fine fibers condense on the mesh curtain or roller to form a web, and rely on self-bonding to become a non-woven fabric. In order to easily form ultra-fine fibers, ultra-high fluidity PP materials are required. Other factors remain unchanged. The higher the melt quality, the finer the sprayed filaments, and the easier it is to spray products with high filtration grades. Relatively speaking, the higher the melt quality, the better the spraying of good cloth.

At present, there are many modified polypropylene materials. At present, regardless of the size of the modification factory, the PP material melt quality is 1500. But this is only one of the indicators. The flexibility and processing versatility of the material are in the indicators No. And you can only try it yourself. Many manufacturers do not know the adjustment data required on different machines for their meltblown materials.

The following is a summary of the combined methods to improve the performance of melt blown cloth:

In the production of Meltblown Products, the method that can reduce the filtration resistance and improve the filtration efficiency is as follows: While the receiving distance is increased, the hot air speed or temperature is appropriately increased, and the air suction at the bottom of the net is reduced, and the fiber size will change. Smaller, the product is more fluffy. The method to increase both strength and elongation is as follows: When the spinning environment temperature is too high and the raw material melt index is too high, appropriately reduce the hot air flow or temperature, reduce the receiving distance, and slightly increase the suction at the bottom of the net. ; Or when the spinning environment temperature is too low and the raw material melt index is too low, appropriately increase the hot air flow or increase the temperature, increase the receiving distance, and slightly reduce the suction at the bottom of the net.

There are also related institutions that test the fiber fineness, mechanical properties, air permeability, filtration efficiency and hydrophilicity of the meltblown nonwoven fabrics, and analyze the temperature and pressure of the hot air, the receiving distance and other meltblown process parameters to affect the product performance The results show that the fiber diameter first decreases and then increases with the increase of the hot air temperature; it decreases with the increase of the hot air pressure. The strength increases with the increase of the hot air pressure, and decreases with the increase of the receiving distance The air permeability increases with the increase of hot air temperature, the filtration efficiency increases with the increase of hot air pressure, and the liquid absorption rate increases with the increase of receiving distance.

You can debug it according to the above method. If you have any other questions, please consult. The company not only provides melt-blown machines, but also Melt-Blown Lines and other production equipment, please feel free to contact if necessary

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