The Right Way To Clean A Plastic Extruder, You Know?

Pulished on Jul. 20, 2021

This is the right way to clean a plastic extruder, you know?

Frist, how to clean the screw correctly

1, Choose the right heating device

Fire or fire roasting is the most common and effective way to remove the plastic on the screw, but acetylene flame should never be used to clean the screw. The temperature of acetylene flame can be up to 3000°C. Using acetylene flame to clean the screw will not only destroy the metal characteristics of the screw, but also significantly affect the mechanical tolerance of the screw.

The flatness of the screw is mostly within 0.01mm. When the screw is baked by acetylene flame and cooled, it is usually difficult to return to the original flatness. Correct and effective method: clean the screw with a blowtorch immediately after use. The heat distribution of the screw is still uniform because the screw carries the heat during the processing.

2, Choose the right cleaning tools

Correct and appropriate tools and cleaning materials should include: Heat resistant gloves; Goggles; Copper scraper; Copper brush; Copper wire net; Stearic acid; Electric drill; Barrel ruler; Cotton.

Once the cleaning resin stops extrusion, the screw can be extracted from the device. For screws with cooling systems, remove hose lines and swivel fittings before starting screw extraction equipment (which may be attached to a gear box). Use a screw extractor to push the screw forward to expose 4-5 screw blocks for cleaning.

3, Choose the right detergent

There is no lack of various screw cleaner (screw cleaning material) on the market today, most of them are expensive, the use of good or bad effect. Whether to use commercial detergents depends on different manufacturers and production conditions; Plastic processing enterprises can also according to their own production conditions, the use of different resins to do screw cleaning material, can save a large amount of expenses for the unit.

4. Choose the right cleaning method

The first step of cleaning the screw is to turn off the feeding insert board, which is to close the feeding port at the bottom of the hopper; Then reduce the screw speed to 15-25r/min and maintain this speed until the melt flow stops at the front end of the die head. All heating zones of the barrel shall be set at 200°C. As soon as the cylinder reaches this temperature, cleaning begins immediately. 

Screw for Plastic Extruder


Second, how to clean the machine barrel correctly

Cleaning machine barrel is much easier than cleaning screw, but it is also very important.

1, The temperature of the drum is also set at 200°C when preparing the drum for cleaning.

2, Tighten the round steel brush to the drill pipe and the electric drill and assemble it into a cleaning tool, and then cover the steel brush with the copper wire net.

3, Before inserting the cleaning tool into the barrel, sprinkle some stearic acid into the barrel or sprinkle stearic acid on the copper wire net of the cleaning tool;

4, In the copper wire net into the barrel, start the electric drill to rotate it, and artificially make it move before and after, until the movement before and after no resistance;

5, After the copper wire mesh is removed from the barrel, use a bunch of cotton cloth to wipe back and forth in the barrel to remove any clean resin or fatty acid residue; After several such back and forth, the cleaning of the barrel is finished. Thoroughly cleaned screw and barrel are ready to be assembled for the next production!

SHJ Series Counter Rotating Twin-screw Extruder

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