About Recycled PVC Pelletizing Machine

Pulished on Aug. 01, 2018

Determining any particular technique or method to ensure tablet compression of a powerful recycled pvc pelletizing machine process is often challenging. Successful granulation depends on the excipients and API, their compatibility in the formulation mixture, and the granulation technique used. For example, in wet granulation, the physical properties of the powder mixture change with time as agglomeration and densification progress. The characteristics of the formed particles also depend on processing parameters such as the amount and viscosity of the granulating liquid, the granulation speed and the impeller speed, which must be determined during each granulation process to obtain good quality and performance. In addition to these problems, according to the pvc hot cut pelletizing line.

It is important for the manufacturer to determine the "end point" of the granulation process to obtain particles having the desired particle size and porosity and to have good flow and compressibility. Due to the current lack of accurate and repeatable methods, finding an appropriate and accurate method to determine the correct endpoint is critical for amplifying and granulating in production batches.

Recycled PVC Pelletizing Machine

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