How To Develop PVC Board Extrusion Line?

Pulished on Dec. 28, 2018

The name of PVC flooring which made from PVC Board Extrusion Line is easy to cause people's misunderstanding. It is mentioned that PVC is more about plastics. Many people will also confuse PVC flooring with PVC pipes. Plastics contain toxic substances and are harmful to human body. But PVC flooring and plastic are not the same thing at all. PVC can also be called polyvinyl chloride. PVC flooring is 100% free of formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, and it has no radiation. It belongs to green environmental protection decoration materials. The human body causes damage. Some people are worried that the glue used for construction will contain formaldehyde. It should be acknowledged that many bad businesses are trying to reduce the cost. The quality of the glue used is not good, and it will contain toxic substances. However, the glue used by the PVC Skirting Board Extrusion Machine Supplier of well-known brands is special glue. It is a green environmentally-friendly glue, so you don't have to worry about releasing harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

The concept of human beings is still relatively conservative. Many products are popular in foreign countries for a long time before they are accepted and recognized by the Chinese. The development of any new thing will have a process of acceptance and recognition. In addition, the Chinese people are pursuing naturalness and pursuing high-grade. They mistakenly believe that only the wooden floor is green and harmless to the human body. It is mistaken that only the marble floor is high-grade. The decoration concept of the Chinese people really needs to be changed. I believe that After the Chinese people can correctly understand the advantages of PVC flooring, they will be more recognized for PVC flooring. PVC flooring is an irresistible alternative to wood flooring and marble flooring.

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