Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine Industry Should Take Road Of Refined Development

Pulished on Dec. 26, 2018

With the application of bellows in many industries, the demand for high-end, precision and special performance bellows products continues to rise. At present, China's high-end corrugated pipe market has a huge gap, so the Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine is required to develop on a refined road to produce high-end corrugated pipe products that can adapt to the market. Therefore, Shuangjia believes that the road to refinement is the future development direction of the bellows forming machine industry.

Judging from the current development status, there is still a big gap between the development of China's PVC Double Pipe Extrusion Line industry and the world's advanced level. There are still many problems in its development: low level of technology and high precision corrugated pipe forming machine manufacturing. Still difficult, core technologies and key products still rely on imports. The processing allowance is large, the energy consumption and raw material consumption of the bellows forming machine are serious, the processing cycle is long, and the production efficiency is low, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. In addition, there are fewer companies with R&D capabilities in the entire industrial chain, and the company's R&D capabilities are insufficient. The bellows forming machine is a product of mass production technology and production process accumulation. If there is no certain R&D investment products, it will stay at the low-end level. Was phased out by the tide of the times.

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

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