PVC Decoration Sheet Extruder Machine Line Are Popular

Pulished on Mar. 15, 2019

In recent years, panels make by PVC Decoration Sheet Extruder Machine Line have been growing rapidly and quickly swept the nationwide installed market. The product has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, insect-proof and termite-proof, heat insulation, heat preservation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and is deeply welcomed and loved by people. The light weight, simple construction process, convenient installation and customizable color have become the preferred decoration materials for people's home decoration.

In response to market demand and leading the development direction of intelligent factories and automation equipment required by the industry, the PVC Ceiling Machine is mainly composed of intelligent high-efficiency cone-type twin-screw extruder and vacuum setting. It consists of a table, a tractor, a cutting machine and an automatic palletizing rack. Through the integrated management of the whole production system from raw material→mixing→conveying→extrusion→transport→post surface treatment→finished storage, the MES management software system makes each production link clearly visible and highly transparent: production equipment parameters Information and production process status form a closely related network. In order to achieve personalized customization, intelligent management of human, machine, material, production, supply, sales, storage and other production processes is carried out, and remote operation and maintenance integration control. To achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency, saving production costs and achieving lean management for users.

PVC Decoration Sheet Extruder Machine Line

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