PVC Ceiling Panel Making Machine Safety Technical Measures

Pulished on Mar. 18, 2019

(1) All personnel participating in lifting work must hold an employment certificate and undergo safety education and training.

(2) Before the PVC Ceiling Panel Making Machine is hoisted, the hoisting plan should be submitted to the personnel participating in the operation and the records should be recorded.

(3) A clear division of labor should be carried out before the equipment of the extruder production line is hoisted. The participating personnel should be aware of their respective duties and tasks.

(4) All personnel involved in hoisting operations shall strictly implement the "Code for Lifting Construction of Chemical Engineering Construction"

(5) A warning area shall be set up at the hoisting construction site, and special personnel shall be guarded. Non-workers shall not enter, and construction commanders and operators shall wear markings.

(6) The foundation of the lifting station should be solid, then lay the steel plate and increase the bearing area of the leg to ensure the stability of the crane. The crane should be inspected and confirmed before entering the factory.

(7) Before the hoisting work, carry out safety inspection and confirmation. The contents of the inspection are whether the crane legs are fully extended and there are obstacles around. Whether the crane rigging is used and the safety factor meets the requirements of the plan or measure, and whether the lifting point is correct.

(8) PVC Board Extrusion Line lifting should be unified command signal to prevent misuse.

(9) The rigging for lifting equipment should be inspected before use. If it is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to use.

(10) Before the equipment is lifted, it should be tested and hoisted. When the equipment is lifted off the ground by 0.2 meters, a comprehensive inspection will be carried out to confirm that there is no problem before it can be officially lifted.

(11) Heavy lifting of equipment above five levels is strictly prohibited.

(12) High-altitude workers must perform a pre-construction physical examination.

(13) Seat belts must be hung at high altitudes. Safety belts are safe and reliable, and should be hung up and down. During the lifting operation, the crane counterweight rotation range, the mast and the lower part of the hanging object, and the vicinity of the force rigging, personnel and vehicles shall not stay and pass.

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