PVC Wall Panel Machine Maintenance Can Not Use Brute Force

Pulished on Mar. 21, 2019

The PVC Wall Panel Machine is a new type of green pipe formed by extruding composite anti-corrosion, hygienic and non-toxic inner and outer plastic layers on the surface of thin-walled welded pipe. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high pressure, low fluid resistance, long service life, low cost and wide application range. The pipe extruder production line is mainly used for low-speed heavy cutting or high-speed light cutting, but also considers the rigid strength of the CNC pipe extruder production line, the self-protection device of the CNC pipe extruder production line, the tool magazine of the CNC pipe extruder production line, Control system for CNC pipe extruder production line. As long as these five parts, all the users have to figure out, in order to buy the pipe extruder production line suitable for the company.

When the PVC Profile Production Extrusion Line is in use, a small amount of plastic residue will appear in key parts, such as the machine head, water tank, mold, etc., and the mold and the machine head will remain after the molding process, so the first task after the shutdown It is to maintain these parts. Be careful when servicing the equipment. Do not connect the equipment to the power supply. The power supply of the equipment must be disconnected to ensure the safety of the operator. Pipeline extruder production line maintenance can not use brute force, according to the principle of the equipment to rotate the operation of cleaning, can not remove dirt.

PVC Wall Panel Machine

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