The Specific Methods And Precautions Of Waste Plastic PE Film Recycling Machine

Pulished on Mar. 27, 2019

1, process parameters are the core elements of Waste Plastic PE Film Recycling Machine , if the process parameters are not correct, even the best formula, the best PVC cable granulator is difficult to produce qualified products. Whether the setting of process parameters is reasonable directly affects whether the semi-finished product is fully mixed and evenly plasticized, and whether the preliminary pre-plasticizing effect can be achieved; Otherwise, not only the appearance of the product, performance problems, but also in the deep processing (extrusion cable lining) easy to produce abnormal quality.

2. In the process of collecting, crushing and demagnetization of waste PVC cable materials, foreign bodies should be carefully selected. PE, XLPE and other materials and PVC cable tapes cannot be mixed in.

3, broken after bagging the waste PVC cable material under the mixing temperature of 70 ~ 85 ℃ 4 ~ 5 min after mixing, the mixing of PVC material to join double order plastic pelletizing extrusion granulation, extrusion temperature for 150 + 5 ℃. After granulation, the granule should be dispersed and cooled to prevent the granule from bonding.

4. When the waste PVC cable materials are granulated for the second time, the filter should be changed regularly according to the process requirements and the exhaust device should be checked regularly. In general, replace 3~4 layers of 60~100 mesh stainless steel filter (or copper filter) every 2~3 hours, so as to prevent the filter from being broken through by impurities and coke in the waste PVC cable material. When extruding the lining layer, the spark rate of cable sheath is high due to impurities, and voltage breakdown occurs.

5, to strengthen the inspection of PP PE Film Recycling Machine exhaust device, to avoid the exhaust device leakage leads to the reduction of vacuum pressure, not easy to discharge HCl, CO2, CO and other decomposition products and water vapor, resulting in inner lining porosity, pinholes, poor process performance, cable product appearance rough, not smooth.

6, the secondary granulation production of PVC special materials should be used in a timely manner, should not be placed for a long time, to avoid the material moisture absorption and dampness, it is recommended to put the time is not more than 1 month.

Waste Plastic PE Film Recycling Machine

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