Possible Problems in UPVC Window Profile Machine

Pulished on Mar. 30, 2019

1. The UPVC Window Profile Machine can not operate normally, through the inspection of the solenoid valve to identify the cause of the defect, first remove the solenoid valve at both ends of the coil, and then the solenoid valve is opened, with the hand to push the spool back and forth, when the spool propulsion frequency adhere to the fashion can be, if not then check whether the circuit is a problem;

2. The PVC Profile Extruder Machine parameters are abnormal, which is usually caused by the battery running out of power due to the interference of the PVC sheet production line or the non-use of durable materials. It can be disposed by the advanced setting -- > low-level setting or by changing the battery.

Disadvantages of oil in PVC sheet production line:

1. Oil leakage is mostly caused by the sealing ring, which can be changed and tightened;

2. Too high oil temperature is caused by many factors, such as weak cooling effect of cooling system, too high water temperature of cooling system, blocked cooling tower or pipeline, damaged oil pump parts, etc. In the rapid development of the market in the plastic PVC sheet production line, but the PVC extruder equipment update has also followed the development of science and technology, the former PVC extruder is full hydraulic, due to the demand of environmental protection and energy saving, and the servo motor and the smart use of quotation began to slowly reduce

UPVC Window Profile Machine

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