Correct Cleaning Step Of PVC Profile Extruder Machine

Pulished on May. 06, 2019

Correct and appropriate tools and cleaning materials should include: 1, heat-resistant gloves, 2, goggles, 3, copper scraper, 4, copper brush, 5, copper wire mesh, 6, stearic acid, 7, electric drill, 8, machine Bucket, 9, cotton cloth.

Once the cleaning resin stops extruding, the screw can be withdrawn from the PVC Profile Extruder Machine. For screws with a cooling system, remove the hose line and the swivel connection before starting the screw extraction device (which may be attached to the gearbox). Use a screw extraction device to push the screw forward to expose the position of 4-5 screws for cleaning. The cleaning resin on the screw can be cleaned with a copper scraper copper brush. After the cleaning resin on the exposed screw is cleaned, the screw extraction device in UPVC Window Profile Machine will advance 4-5 screws and continue cleaning. Repeatedly, most of the screw was pushed out of the barrel. Once most of the cleaning resin has been removed, sprinkle some stearic acid onto the screw; then use the copper wire mesh to remove the remaining residue. After the entire screw is wiped by the copper wire, use a cotton cloth for the next step. This is to ensure that the next time the screw is produced, it will not carry any contaminants. After the screw has been completely cleaned, it can be set aside until the other implements are completely cleaned. If the screw needs to be stored, apply a layer of grease to the surface to prevent rust. The cleaning screw must not use steel tools such as steel screwdrivers, scrapers or masts to remove the plastic stuck to the screw, as the steel can damage the surface of the screw and barrel.

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