Installation Sequence Of Twin Screw Extrusion Line Head

Pulished on May. 09, 2019

1. The Twin Screw Extrusion Line head should be assembled together and installed on the extruder as a whole.

2. Before assembling the machine head, wipe off the grease applied during storage, carefully check the surface of the cavity for scratches, scratches, rust spots, perform necessary polishing, and then apply a layer of silicone oil on the surface of the runner. 3. Assemble the head plates in order, apply high temperature grease to the threads of the bolts, and then screw the bolts and flanges.

4. Place the perforated plate between the head flanges to ensure that the perforated plate is pressed without overflowing.

5. Adjust the horizontal position of the die before tightening the fastening bolts of the joint head and the flange of the Twin-Screw Compounding Extruder. The level of the square head can be adjusted horizontally. The round head is used as the reference head with the bottom of the fixed model. The bottom of the die is leveled.

6. Tighten the flange bolts tightly, tighten the fastening bolts on the machine head, install the heating coil and thermocouple, and pay attention to the heating ring to be close to the outer surface of the machine head.

Twin Screw Extrusion Line

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