Possible Problems In The Process Of PVC Profile Production Extrusion Line

Pulished on Mar. 07, 2019

The problems of the mechanical parts of the PVC Profile Production Extrusion Line: 1. The machine can not operate normally. After checking the solenoid valve to judge the cause of the defect, first remove the coil at both ends of the solenoid valve, then disassemble the solenoid valve, push the valve core back and forth by hand, wait for the valve The core propulsion frequency can be maintained on the fashion. If it is not possible to check whether the circuit presents a problem; 2. The machine parameters are not normal. This situation is usually caused by the interference of the PVC sheet production line or the durability of the battery. , can be done through advanced settings -> low-level settings to handle or change the battery to complete.

Disadvantages of PVC Profile Extruder Machine oil: 1. The phenomenon of oil leakage is mostly caused by the sealing ring. It can be changed normally and then tightened. 2. The oil temperature is too high, which is caused by many aspects, as follows: The system cooling effect is weak, the water temperature of the cooling system is too high, the cooling tower or pipeline is blocked, and the pump parts are damaged.

PVC Profile Production Extrusion Line

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