The Future Development Direction Of PVC Board Extrusion Line

Pulished on Mar. 05, 2019

The future development direction is to make the PVC Board Extrusion Line into a removable rail type. The walking system and support system in the production line are all built on the track, similar to the track of the train, without the need to build concrete equipment foundation, like the yurt nomadic on the grassland. The way, from one place to another, also shortened the construction cycle of the PC production line. It is expected that the migration of the production line can be completed in half a month, which is 80% shorter than the current method.

With the improvement of the industrialization level of buildings and the development of building science and technology, various architectural systems and models contend, these systems are now incompatible and self-contained. A PVC Wall Panel Machine can only produce products of a specific system. If you want to produce multiple products, you need to invest in multiple system production lines, which increases the investment cost. You can try a production line that can produce multiple products, using the place where the respective systems are common when producing the product. The production of prefabricated parts with excellent quality and precision is inseparable from manufacturing equipment. Prefabricated component production equipment (PVC floor production line) is the first to ensure that “building a house to build a house” becomes a reality. PVC flooring production line must also adapt to social development, in order to continuously reduce the cost of precast concrete components, in order to attract more building materials companies to invest in the construction of precast concrete components factory to achieve sustainable development of the industry.

PVC Board Extrusion Line

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