PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Making Machine Common Fault Maintenance

Pulished on Mar. 01, 2019

In the production process, the PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Making Machine will inevitably have some failures. For example, the outer surface of the plastic pipe is rough and not smooth, and the process temperature should be adjusted in time; the wall thickness of the pipe is not uniform, and the wall thickness is adjusted on the mold; the groove is formed on the inner surface of the pipe. Trace, check whether the inner tube enters the water, reduce the internal temperature of the mold; the groove on the outer surface of the plastic pipe, adjust the water pressure of the sizing sleeve, balance the water output; the jitter ring inside the pipe, adjust the sizing water to make the water uniform No vacuum, check whether the vacuum pump inlet is blocked; the cutting gauge length is not accurate, check whether the gauge wheel is tight, etc., must be discovered, viewed and processed in time.

Plastic pipes produced by Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine also have common problems: First, the impact resistance is poor, even 10 impacts, all rupture. Second, the tensile strength and toughness are poor, often showing brittleness, low elongation and easy fracture. Third, the softening temperature is low, and it is easy to be deformed by heat, which reduces the impact resistance, tensile strength and toughness of the pipe.

For the problem of plastic pipe, attention should be paid to the selection of additives, raw material ratio, production process, and production equipment.

PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Making Machine

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