What Should I Do When The Exhaust Of PVC Ceiling Machine?

Pulished on Feb. 23, 2019

In the extrusion production process of PVC Ceiling Machine, it is necessary to discharge gas from the melt. If these gases cannot be discharged, defects such as voids, bubbles and surface dullness may appear on the surface or inside of the product, which may seriously affect the physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties of the product. And electrical performance. One or two vents are provided between the feed port and the handpiece to remove moisture and other volatiles from the molten extruded material. However, steel cylinder openings often appear. The most common problem is that the material is blown from the exhaust port. A small amount of material will affect the discharge of volatiles, which will affect the quality of the product. A large amount of material will block the exhaust port and even cause downtime. .

There are two reasons for the material to be fired on PVC Ceiling Panel Making Machine. First, the screw design is unreasonable, resulting in backflow of material at the exhaust port. Second, the design of the exhaust port is unreasonable, and is “hung” when the molten material passes through the exhaust port. Look for the reason First, see if the material in the screw is backflow from the exhaust port. In most vented extruders, the melt moving forward in the screw can be seen. Under normal circumstances, the degree of filling of the material in the groove is not more than 50%. If it exceeds, it will not only affect the exhaust effect, but also cause the exhaust port to produce material; when less than 50%, the screw can work normally. The material may be caused by an unreasonable design of the exhaust port or the shunt element.

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