Conical Twin-Screw Extrusion Line Routine Maintenance

Pulished on Feb. 20, 2019

1. The basic maintenance is to clean the Conical Twin-Screw Extrusion Line and lubricate the moving parts of the extruder. For example, there will be iron scraps or other impurities from the gears in the gearbox. Check the wear of the gears and bearings and record them. Clean the gear and replace the gearbox lubricant.

2. After a period of use, perform a thorough inspection of the extruder, check the tightness of all the screws, and make a record. The loose threaded parts are easily checked for immediate inspection to prevent malfunction during operation.

3. Check, adjust the motor, control the instrument, each pipe and working parts. If there is a sudden power failure during production, the main drive and heating are stopped. When the power supply is restored, the barrels must be reheated to the specified temperature and held for a period of time before the PVC Conical Twin Screw Extruder can be started.

4. If the steering fullness of the meter and the pointer is found, check whether the contact of the edge such as the thermocouple is good.

5. The inner wall of the cooling water pipe attached to the extruder is easy to scale and the outside is easy to corrode and rust. During routine maintenance, it should be carefully checked. Excessive scale will block the pipeline and will not reach the cooling effect. If the corrosion is serious, water leakage will occur. Decontamination and anti-corrosion and cooling measures must be taken during routine maintenance.

6. Focus on checking the brush wear of the DC motor that drives the screw to rotate, and periodically check whether the resistance value of the motor is above the specified value. In addition, check the connection wires and other components for rust and take protective measures.

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