Installation Precautions Of Bellows

Pulished on Feb. 15, 2019

1. The bellows expansion joint from Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine cannot bear the weight and should be hoisted separately. Unless the bellows expansion joint is to be reinforced, the bellows expansion joint is not allowed to be hoisted together with the pipeline after welding.

2. Before installation, check the model and specifications of the bellows expansion joint and the bearing configuration of the pipeline must meet the design requirements.

3. For the bellows expansion joint with the inner liner which make from Plastic PVC Pipe Making Machine, pay attention to the direction of the inner liner and the flow direction of the medium. The hinge rotation plane of the plane angular bellows expansion joint is consistent with the displacement plane.

4. A cold-tight bellows expansion joint is required, and the auxiliary members used for the pre-deformation should be removed after the piping system is installed.

5. Except for the pre-tensioning amount of pre-tensioning (or compression) or “cold tightness”, it is strictly forbidden to adjust the installation deviation of the pipe by the method of deforming the bellows, so as not to affect the normal function of the bellows expansion joint and reduce the use. Life and increase the load on the piping, equipment, and support members.

6. During the installation process, the welding slag is not allowed to splash on the surface of the bellows expansion joint and the bellows is subjected to other mechanical damage.

7. After the pipe system is installed, the auxiliary positioning mechanism letter fasteners for installation and transportation protection on the bellows should be removed immediately, and the limit device should be adjusted to the specified position according to the design requirements.

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