The Progress Of PVC Ceiling Panel Extruder Machine

Pulished on Aug. 15, 2018

In recent years, with the continuous maturity and development of auxiliary equipment and mold technology, the extrusion production line has gradually become the main force of the Chinese extruder market. PVC ceiling panel extruder machine and their subsequent processing equipment, film and pipe production technology and equipment, and various cable coating technologies are available in China.

China has been able to provide 3-7 layers of multi-functional composite film production line, 3-layer composite chemical packaging structural film production line, various agricultural film and film production lines and PVC extruder machine to the extrusion blown film production line. In addition, a variety of cast film and unidirectional, biaxially stretched film production technology has also matured, and can provide 5 layers of composite or extruded cast film production line with a width of more than 5 meters.

Plastic pipes can meet the needs of construction and economic engineering to replace steel and plastics. China's pipe production technology has attracted worldwide attention, and can provide various solid core pipes, bellows, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, polyethylene cross-linking (PEX) pipes, hot and cold water transport (PPR) pipes, and various Production lines for government supply and drainage pipes, wire and cable sheathing pipes, ultra-high molecular weight pipes, porous pipes, and sound-absorbing pipes.

PVC Ceiling Panel Extruder Machine

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