How to Maintain Wood Edge Banding Machine?

Pulished on Jul. 01, 2019

The Wood Edge Banding Machine improves the efficiency of the edge sealing of the board. It is also an important part of the woodworking edge banding machine while keeping the edge banding machine running. If the knife is blunt, the edge banding machine should perform the necessary maintenance work regularly to ensure the sealing quality and productivity in the edge sealing operation. Plastic PVC Pipe Making Machine Factory would like to share with you the methods.

Wood Edge Banding Machine

Wood Edge Banding Machine

1. Some details of the maintenance of wood edge banding machine are not only suitable for application on the edge banding machine. Many machines in other industries should pay attention to maintenance. The problem of cleaning is a problem that is noticed in the maintenance of wood edge banding machine. It is well known that special edge sealing hot melt adhesives are needed during the operation of the edge banding machine. The melted hot melt adhesive is in a liquid state, and such a glue liquid is relatively easily brought to the parts of the edge banding machine during the edge sealing process, causing the glue residue to be affected, which affects the normal operation of the edge banding machine.

2. In addition to the glue residue, it should be paid attention to the maintenance of the wood edge banding machine. The edge banding will also hinder the operation of the edge banding machine. After the usual edge-sealing operation, the edge banding will be scattered on many parts of the equipment. Sometimes it is difficult to clean it even with a vacuum cleaner, which will directly cause the parts that need to be rolled to run unsatisfactorily. It affects the quality of the trimming process.

3. The maintenance of the edge banding machine should also pay attention to the aging problem of the main operating parts. Important parts work year round, the quality of the edge banding is good, and it is seriously affected by important parts. The aging of components is most intuitively reflected in noise and heat. Therefore, routine inspection of parts with noise and heat has become an important task in the maintenance of wood edge banding machines.

4. If the details of the above maintenance edge banding machine are completed, it is important not to forget that it is necessary to refuel the running parts of the edge banding machine from time to time to extend the service life of the edge banding machine.

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