Hot SHL series plastic Cooling mixer machinery/small mixer

Mixing time: 8-12min; Cooling: water cooling mixer; Discharge by: hand or pneumatic; Control: Computer control mixer; Certification:CE; Purpose: plastic mixing

Product Description


1. Used for the processes of mixing,drying and dying in the industries of plastic,rubber,chenical and the place o lab as well.

2. The mixer lid is double sealed

3. With the heating ways of self-friction and electric,etc.

4. Paddles are entirely made of stainless stell and through dynamic and static balance test.

5. The electric control system adopts the components of famous brand.

Hot SHL series plastic Cooling mixer machinery/small mixer


BL-SHR-100A1007514/22/6650/13002100*800*1510ELECTRICTY HEATINGPNEUMATIC
BL-SHR-200A20015030/42/9475/9502400*850*1580ELECTRICTY HEATINGPNEUMATIC
BL-SHR-300A30022540/55/9475/9502800*1080*1680ELECTRICTY HEATINGPNEUMATIC
BL-SHR-400A40030047/67/12430/8603160*1150*1760ELECTRICTY HEATINGPNEUMATIC
BL-SHR-500A50037555/75/12430/8603060*1150*1880ELECTRICTY HEATINGPNEUMATIC
BL-SHR-800A80060083/110/15370/7403385*1380*2750ELECTRICTY HEATINGPNEUMATIC
BL-SHR-1000A1000750110/160/28325/6503460*1140*2900ELECTRICTY HEATINGPNEUMATIC

Packaging and Shipping

BOGDA Plastic Machinery Co, who is a leader of Plastic Machine and Raw Material. Such as Plastic Profile/Pipe/Sheet Extrution Equipment,Injection Machine and Waste PP/PE Film, PET Bottle Washing Recyce Machine, as well as Plastic Granulating Line, meanwhile we are familiar with kinds of raw material to help our customers choose the most suitable machine on best quality by economically.  

Hot SHL series plastic Cooling mixer machinery/small mixer

Hot SHL series plastic Cooling mixer machinery/small mixer

In wooden cases, wooden splints, wrap film and other specialized packaging film, to ensure that the machine impact damage in the long time of land and sea transport, thus reaching the customer factory intact.

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