Double shaft shredder recycled plastic machine price

Motor:7.5-110kw Capacity: 300-3000kg/h

Product Description


Capacity: 300-3000kg/h

1. Scissor shredded principle, through two sets of tool axis scissors, tear and squeeze to reduce the size of the material.

2. Thick steel box structure, solid structure, heavy tools, high crushing efficiency, large output.

3. Two-way design knife close-packed structure.

4. Automatic reversal retraction

Double shaft shredder recycled plastic machine price


Plastics - Injection molding, extrusion, blown film and other common plastics, nose block, etc.

• Wood - wood pallets, logs, scrap wood, etc.

• Paper - Waste paper, wrapping paper, cardboard, etc.

• Cable - Copper, aluminum and composite materials cable, etc

• Aluminum - Cans, aluminum scrap, etc.

• Fiber - Carpets, protective clothing, etc.

• Sponge - Industrial waste, etc.

• Composite materials - glass fiber products, automotive windshields, sealing tape, etc.

Double shaft shredder recycled plastic machine price

Detail Images
Shredder Machine Knife inside (SKD-11, HRC55-65)
Blade material: Cr12MoV (Japanese Brand: SKD-11, U.S. Brand D2), knife with "V" shaped installation, so that the blade material cutting across the work evenly, reducing energy consumption, reduce noise. Each of the knife has four cutting edges, wear and tear can be rotated 90°  after the continued use. Each to have two cutting edges set, wear can be rotated 180°  after the continued use. Rotor blade removable, easy to clean, maintain, maintenance.           Double shaft shredder recycled plastic machine price

Shredder Machine Electric Components
1. Contactor and switch is SIEMENS.
2. Bearing is made from Harbin Brand
3. Motor manufacture: SIEMENS
4. Electric control panel: BOGDA self-manufacture
5. Shredder Machine with Reversion system

Double shaft shredder recycled plastic machine price

Technical parameter

ModelRotary Block QtyFixed Blade QtyMotor Power (Kw)Output                    (kg/h)

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Packaging and Shipping

BOGDA International Co, BOGDA Machinery Co, who is a leader of Plastic Machine and Raw Material. Such as Plastic Profile/Pipe/Sheet Extrution Equipment,Injection Machine and Waste PP/PE Film, PET Bottle Washing Recyce Machine, as well as Plastic Granulating Line, meanwhile we are familiar with kinds of raw material to help our customers choose the most suitable machine on best quality by economically

Double shaft shredder recycled plastic machine price

Double shaft shredder recycled plastic machine price

In wooden cases, wooden splints, wrap film and other specialized packaging film, to ensure that the machine impact damage in the long time of land and sea transport, thus reaching the customer factory intact

Customer Review

Q: Where can we get spare part?

A: We choose International Brand that customer can find it in everywhere, such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Delixi etc, or send parts by DHL, Fedex, TNT and other express.

Q: How long is the guarantee?

A: 12 months since the first day customer operates (except wear parts).

Q: Can I operate machine if don’t have experienced engineers?

A: (1) Short-time engineers to customer company (5-15days) (2) Year-time working as requirements

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